The New Years Ball drop has becomes the international symbol ushering in the New Year! But you probably already knew that. Did you know then, that since the year 2000 the ball has been made from glass? Waterford Crystal to be exact. Hundreds upon thousands of glass crystals fitted together to form a sphere-like shape and then lit with LEDs to dazzle the world. It's truly impressive. Before there was glass, the ball was made from aluminum, and before that it was made of iron. Interestingly enough, when the ceremony first began in 1907 it was made from wood and covered in light bulbs. If you want to know more about the occasion, you're encouraged to
read more about the history of the NYE Times Square Ball Drop!


And with that, here are some fun facts cited by the people at Waterford themselves!


Ball Fun Facts

Wherever you find yourself this year at midnight, Drexler wants to wish you a Happy New Year!



The holiday season is the time to get merry and brilliant. From colorful and bright lights, to wreaths and trees, homes and businesses go all out to have fun this festive season. Businesses will even have installations to make the time more memorable and Instagram-worthy for their guests.
When someone says colored glass, you may think about stained glass. Stained glass is amazing and might do wonders to your home or establishments interiors. But for seasonal decorations, you will need something that you could effortlessly exchange after the holidays. There are many different ways you can use colored glass, apart from on your doors and home windows.


Table Tops, Coffee Tables, and Dining Tables



Ditch the cheesy holiday themed desk cloths and opt for the extra state-of-the-art and functional colored and ornamental glass table tops. What’s more, you no longer have to switch them out when a drink spills on them. Glass table tops guard your tables and make them look classic and stylish.


Glass Lamps and Lights

Glass lamps made of colored glass give drama and size to your private home. Light fixtures made of colored glass will do the same.


Glass Vases, Jars, and Bowls

You can use glass to make unforgettable holiday centerpieces such as vases, jars, and bowls. The opportunities are infinite. You can fill colorful bowls with Christmas balls and ornaments, or pine cones. Or put candles or greenery in colored mason jars, and line them up on your desk.


Decorative Glass Shelves and Displays



Show no fear with your festive holiday decorations in your living room. Give your kitchen, study room, and bathroom colored glass shelves, and backdrops. Just as beautiful are they useful, they're a incredible way to add color and design into any area.



It's December and it's colder out, and with the inclement weather brings germs. The stuffy nose, sore throat, cough-up-a-lung type germs. Yuck. If you’re in the business of preparing and selling food, having a sneeze guard is an important part for keeping your business clean and sanitary.


A sneeze guard is a term used to describe the clear glass shield that protects and covers food that is usually displayed in the open (such as a buffet or a deli). In fact, food guards are so important to the cleanliness and operation of a food based business that, in the 1960’s, the FDA established the mandatory presence of food guards in all 50 states.


Now, ask yourself some questions:
Do you own a restaurant that offers food in a buffet style, or a salad bar, or service counter?
If so, are your sneeze guards big enough?
Are they designed so that people can see the food without breathing, coughing and sneezing on it?


The best sneeze guards are welded at the joints providing a seamless frame that reduces the areas where germs can collect. It is also important to use the best materials in the construction of your sneeze guards. Stainless Steel and high quality glass are generally thought of as the best materials for your sneeze guards. Cheap materials like plastic and acrylic are harder to clean. They also have a porous surface that collects germs and bacteria.
Be smart and choose high quality glass for your restaurant. Your customers and your employees will thank you!


P.S. Drexler will even install your new glass for you!


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Doors and doorways carry a lot of symbolism, and just as much practical use. They are the literal entryways to your home. So it's no wonder people spend time and attention on their doors. Glass is an excellent addition to any space, and the doors and doorways are no exception. Here are some cool glass doors we think can inspire your next project.


Basic Door with Glass Surroundings

A simple one to start! As we mentioned in our previous article, How Interior Design Can Affect Your Mood, we talked about how transparency and openness can provide a sense of ease and counteract the failings of poor design like increased stress levels and anxiety. THIS, is the door for you if you don't buy into all of that! You'll still get some natural light from outside, but this setup screams tradition and security as far as this list goes.



Door with Glass Panels

A step up from the door with glass surroundings, now you've got the glass INSIDE the door. More light, more openness, happy living.



Door with ornate glass designs

This is for those that love to announce to the world "we like art". A literal work of art, transplanted into your door. It's a bold statement, and accomplishes much in the way of open design.


Large Sliding Glass Doors

This is a favorite amongst contemporary designers and architects. It's chique, it's modern, and very open. Those concerned with privacy need not apply (although you could install one way glass and still have your privacy). Very open in design, and will let all that wonderful natural light into your home.



Frosted Sliding Glass Doors

An alternative to the above where privacy is an issue. Perfect for bathrooms and showers. Drexler has a selection of shower doors on display at our showroom should you want to take a closer look.



Glass Garage Doors

Your garage door is a door too! Glass is an excellent option for those who do work out of their garage. Especially if you live in less temperate climates, you can work in your space and get that nice natural sunlight in an environment that's to your liking.



As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to putting glass in your door. Drexler is Atlanta's leader in creating custom glass, and, should you find yourself in need for your next project- feel free to get a quote or visit our showroom and we'll be glad to help!


There is much research in place about how interior design and architecture affects human psychology.
Interior-wise- clutter, low-contrast, and a lack of natural light will negatively affect your mood- making you feel more anxious and lowering your threshold for handling stressors. While, high-contrast, well-lit, and spacious rooms with open designs will make the occupants more at ease and comfortable.

Open Vs. Closed

One of the key concerns with open designs though, is the lack of privacy. Luckily, glass can help not only by adding a natural sound barrier, but when in frosted variants- an unobtrusive visual one as well. Drexler specializes in creating custom glass pieces for your needs and are available to help if you're considering installing glass in the future. Here are a few key ways that installing glass into an interior space can improve the well-being of those within.


Open, but Private

Like mentioned previously, glass walls and corridors are an excellent way of providing some structure, clear path, and privacy, while still keeping the overall "vibe" inviting and positive.


Glass can be unique

Interesting and eye-catching elements are cited as one of the things that has a positive effect on the psyche of humans. As an interior designer, it's important to consider adding in these elements. Glass is a great candidate material for this. If taken care of, it's durable, attractive, and good value when considered with your other options.


Lighting is Key

Let's face it... everyone loves windows. If you aren't that person, you know someone who will literally fight for the window seat on a plane. In the case of interior design, windows bring in vital natural light. Sunlight is pivotal in the chain of vitamin D production which in turn plays a part in our moods.



When you're taking on an architectural or design project you'll likely be looking for vendors for all of your materials. When you do, you should definitely consider Drexler- We have world class customer service, and can assist you from conception to installation. Feel free to browse our other works, and get a quote for your custom glass needs today!



The most common reason homeowners are renovating their master bathrooms is that they want to change with the times and keep the space invigorating. Magazine did a study that finds the average person spends close to 60 minutes a day in the bathroom. You can only imagine with that much time spent in your bathroom how a remodel can become more of a when than an if. Unlike other rooms, which can be updated with new paint colors, throw pillows or curtains, bathroom updates involve fixtures, custom glass, and shower doors that all could use an expert’s input to help find the right combination.



If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for up to date inspiration, we have listed a few options to consider:


Shower & Tub enclosures

The shower today seems to be obligatory to some and is the most popular way to bathe in the world.  But many still love their bathtubs; so creating stand-alone showers with a free-standing tub is becoming more and more popular.  Beyond size, premium features in master bathrooms are on the rise, including dual showers, one-piece toilets, vessel sinks, and built-in vanities, showing significant increases in demand in the last three years.




Although the use of mirrors in a bathroom are standard must-haves, using statement mirrors is one bathroom trend you can easily incorporate into any remodeling project. As most bathrooms are designed with a continuous series of straight lines, hanging a statement mirror in an unusual shape and statement-making design is one of the most playful, attainable, and affordable bathroom renovation trends that can give your space a fresh new look without breaking your budget.



Modern design and layout

Since bathrooms are spaces that we use every day, their importance is far greater than we give it credit. From bright and cheery, to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. We believe you can use glass, mirrors, and lighting to help bring out character. These modern details can help transform your current bathroom into a refreshing spaces. Whatever your ideas are we would recommend that meeting with a custom glass expert is the best way to start.




History of showers

The original showers were neither indoor structures nor man-made but were common natural formations from waterfalls. The ancient Greeks were the first people to have showers. Their aqueducts and sewage systems made of lead pipes allowed water to be pumped both into and out of large communal shower rooms used by elites and common citizens alike. The first mechanical shower, operated by a hand pump, was patented in England in 1767 by William Feetham. In 1805, the reinvention of reliable indoor plumbing allowed free-standing showers to be connected to a running water source, supplying a renewable flow of water.


A maid filling a Feetham-like mechanical bath for her master. An actual Feetham bath has a hand-operated pump


Domestic showers are most commonly stall showers or showers over a bathtub. A stall shower is a dedicated shower area which uses a door or curtain to contain water spray. The shower over a bathtub saves bathroom space and enables the area to be used for either a bath or a shower and commonly uses a sliding shower curtain to contain the water spray. If you would like more on the history of showering check out this article posted on the Amusing Planet!


Drexlers' History

As the popularity of framed doors begin to wane in the early 80's, Joe Drexler, Cecil's son, began to experiment with a virtually unknown European frameless shower technology. In 1984, the company installed its first frameless shower door. Today, the company is at the forefront of frameless shower door technology, offering more hardware and glass varieties and options than anyone in the glass industry. Drexler shower doors can be found in the smallest bungalows and the largest estates and hotels.


During the decades that followed, Drexler expanded his product lines and continued to cultivate his company's reputation for excellent service. The company would eventually become the "go to" glass supplier for many of Atlanta's most prestigious builders and architects, to whom the Drexler Shower Door name was synonymous with good service, quality, and value. You can read more about our history here!



Our extensive network of trusted suppliers insures that we have access to the latest glass trends and technology at the best possible prices. From antique mirror to slumped (i.e. melted!) shower doors, you can be sure that we have the most options at the best possible price. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that our prices are in line with the competition, while we offer so much more in service and expertise.


Thank You for supporting us for these many years, and from our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!



Restaurants are more than about the meals that they serve; they’re also about the experience they provide. These simple renovations will help you enhance the dining experience for your guests, improving their satisfaction and your business at the same time.




While you will want to spend a lot of your efforts improving the main areas of your restaurant, it’s important not to overlook the bathroom. This important space will be used by nearly every patron that comes through your doors, if it’s harshly lit, out of date, or just run down. Your restrooms can bring down people’s opinions about your restaurant as a whole.


While a full bathroom remodel can be expensive, there are many things you can do to update the space without a full remodel. Consider giving the bathroom a fresh coat of paint, put in a new mirror new  fixtures, and softer lighting. A new glass counter top could be the addition to upgrade your entire space.


Custom Mirrors

Whether it is behind a bar at a restaurant, vanity mirrors in the rest rooms, or your logo etched on a mirror in your lobby, custom mirrors can provide an elegant way to provide light to any business environment. Because we cut our own mirror and glass to suit your needs, the only limit to what we can do is your imagination.


Glass Shelves

Glass shelves make a beautiful accent to any bathroom, family room or kitchen. Drexler offers custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework. In addition, there are many hardware options available to match your existing décor. Wine displays are another amazing use for glass within a restaurant.



Sneeze Guards

Over the past 75 years, food shields have evolved from flimsy, plastic partitions to permanent, eye-catching glass structures. A well-designed food shield serves double duty. While its main function is to protect a restaurant’s food from exposure to contamination, a stylish food shield can help actually display your food in a desirable way, adding to its appeal to customers.



Even if your restaurant has been doing a good business, sometimes it’s necessary to give it the right facelift to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of exciting, shiny and bright new openings. According to an article written by Mike Sullivan at the branding agency Loomis, remodeling your restaurant can drive more sales as compared to advertising a restaurant.


Restaurant and food service managers can count on Drexler to design, install and service sneeze guards for their facilities. A combination of aluminum or brass framing and clear safety glass can be used to create nearly any size or configuration of sneeze guard installation. Also, your Drexler’s Service Team can repair or replace damaged glass to reduce the down-time at your facility!


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