The most common reason homeowners are renovating their master bathrooms is that they want to change with the times and keep the space invigorating. Magazine did a study that finds the average person spends close to 60 minutes a day in the bathroom. You can only imagine with that much time spent in your bathroom how a remodel can become more of a when than an if. Unlike other rooms, which can be updated with new paint colors, throw pillows or curtains, bathroom updates involve fixtures, custom glass, and shower doors that all could use an expert’s input to help find the right combination.



If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for up to date inspiration, we have listed a few options to consider:


Shower & Tub enclosures

The shower today seems to be obligatory to some and is the most popular way to bathe in the world.  But many still love their bathtubs; so creating stand-alone showers with a free-standing tub is becoming more and more popular.  Beyond size, premium features in master bathrooms are on the rise, including dual showers, one-piece toilets, vessel sinks, and built-in vanities, showing significant increases in demand in the last three years.




Although the use of mirrors in a bathroom are standard must-haves, using statement mirrors is one bathroom trend you can easily incorporate into any remodeling project. As most bathrooms are designed with a continuous series of straight lines, hanging a statement mirror in an unusual shape and statement-making design is one of the most playful, attainable, and affordable bathroom renovation trends that can give your space a fresh new look without breaking your budget.



Modern design and layout

Since bathrooms are spaces that we use every day, their importance is far greater than we give it credit. From bright and cheery, to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. We believe you can use glass, mirrors, and lighting to help bring out character. These modern details can help transform your current bathroom into a refreshing spaces. Whatever your ideas are we would recommend that meeting with a custom glass expert is the best way to start.




Restaurants are more than about the meals that they serve; they’re also about the experience they provide. These simple renovations will help you enhance the dining experience for your guests, improving their satisfaction and your business at the same time.




While you will want to spend a lot of your efforts improving the main areas of your restaurant, it’s important not to overlook the bathroom. This important space will be used by nearly every patron that comes through your doors, if it’s harshly lit, out of date, or just run down. Your restrooms can bring down people’s opinions about your restaurant as a whole.


While a full bathroom remodel can be expensive, there are many things you can do to update the space without a full remodel. Consider giving the bathroom a fresh coat of paint, put in a new mirror new  fixtures, and softer lighting. A new glass counter top could be the addition to upgrade your entire space.


Custom Mirrors

Whether it is behind a bar at a restaurant, vanity mirrors in the rest rooms, or your logo etched on a mirror in your lobby, custom mirrors can provide an elegant way to provide light to any business environment. Because we cut our own mirror and glass to suit your needs, the only limit to what we can do is your imagination.


Glass Shelves

Glass shelves make a beautiful accent to any bathroom, family room or kitchen. Drexler offers custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework. In addition, there are many hardware options available to match your existing décor. Wine displays are another amazing use for glass within a restaurant.



Sneeze Guards

Over the past 75 years, food shields have evolved from flimsy, plastic partitions to permanent, eye-catching glass structures. A well-designed food shield serves double duty. While its main function is to protect a restaurant’s food from exposure to contamination, a stylish food shield can help actually display your food in a desirable way, adding to its appeal to customers.



Even if your restaurant has been doing a good business, sometimes it’s necessary to give it the right facelift to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of exciting, shiny and bright new openings. According to an article written by Mike Sullivan at the branding agency Loomis, remodeling your restaurant can drive more sales as compared to advertising a restaurant.


Restaurant and food service managers can count on Drexler to design, install and service sneeze guards for their facilities. A combination of aluminum or brass framing and clear safety glass can be used to create nearly any size or configuration of sneeze guard installation. Also, your Drexler’s Service Team can repair or replace damaged glass to reduce the down-time at your facility!


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